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ISO 9001:2008 Registered

“บริษัท แอมป์ไทย เทคโนโลยี จำกัด เป็นตัวแทนจำหน่าย Ampco Pump ในประเทศไทย  ( Ampco Pumps Representative )”  Ampco Pumps เป็นผู้นำทางด้าน Sanitary Pumps ซึ่งใช้ในวงการอาหาร ยา เครื่องดื่ม เครื่องสำอาง ฯลฯ และ Industrial Pumps ซึ่งใช้ในวงการเรือเดินทะเล และปิโตเลียมฯลฯ

Engineering Excellence

Ampco’s engineering team has extensive knowledge and decades of vast industry experience. As a company, we are always looking to innovate as exampled by our patented ZP3 & ZP1+ Series positive displacement pump technology.

Superior Customer Satisfaction

Ampco has a strong value proposition for its customers – we offer the greatest selection of enhanced pump options with superior standard features at a more competitive price point than the competition. Coupled with our commitment to excellent customer service and approachable leadership –Ampco Pumps is the simple choice.

ZP1 Series Performance Overview

  • Models:  9
  • Max Discharge Pressure:  225 PSI / 15.5 BAR
  • Max Flow Rate:  452 GPM / 103 m3/hr
  • Max Viscosity:  1,000,000 cP
  • Seal Specifications:  5 Seal Options

L Series Performance Overview

  • Models:  64
  • Max Discharge Pressure:  600 PSI / 41 BAR
  • Max Flow Rate:  1800 GPM / 409 m/hr
  • Max Viscosity:  1200 cP
  • Seal Specifications:  3 Seal Options

QTS Series Performance Overview

  • Models:  4
  • Max Discharge Pressure:  350 PSI /24 BAR
  • Max Flow Rate:  680 GPM / 154M/ hr
  • Max Viscosity:  1,000,000 cP
  • Max speed:  3000 RPM
  • Seal Specifications:  3 Seal Options

Ampco’s marine and industrial centrifugal pumps

are recommended for commercial saltwater applications, reverse osmosis operations, on-board marine vessels, engine cooling, chemical and cooling process applications, refrigeration, wastewater, and fire pumps.

Reduce Time and Enhance your Blend

Easy to disperse products like sugar, powder and flavorings requiring less shear can be mixed very efficiently with the DRY-blend or SIMPLE-blend Systems. More challenging products such as carbopol, cellulose gum, xanthan gum, finished hummus and more can all be effectively blended with Ampco’s POWDER-max or SHEAR-blend Systems.

Schmidt Plate Heat Exchanger

API Heat Transfer markets a family of heat transfer products well respected in the industry for their innovative design, exceptional performance and reliable service.

The combination of more than 130 years of experience and the sale of >100 000 plate heat exchangers has made API Schmidt-Bretten one of the most competent, efficient partners in the heat exchange industry. A large selection of designs of SIGMA plate heat exchanger plates are available with different surface areas, corrugations, plate materials, plate thicknesses and gasket materials for all applications.. With groundbreaking plate heat exchangers, plate evaporators and thermal systems, the family of SIGMA products meets the demand of virtually all market segments in an excellent way.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

API Heat Transfer engineered Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers have filled virtually every heat transfer need in the sixty plus years the company has been in existence. Before there were standard products, there was engineered products, with each heat exchanger designed for the application. Our experienced design and engineering staff stand ready to bring the best team with the best tools in the industry to bear on your heat transfer challenge.

Committed to Innovation and Continuous Process Improvement

Throughout our nearly 70 year history, Ampco Pumps has been committed to staying on top of technology, process improvements, and enhancing even tried and true products. In-house Research and Development has led the initiative.

Ampco Engineers are Experts at Meeting Application Challenges

Ampco’s engineers have applied their expertise toward enhancing our pumps to better serve evolving and growing multi-industry needs. In particular, food safety and hygienic requirements which are consistently being updated, have been a continual focus of the Ampco R&D team.