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Customer Reference For Daesung Lobe Flex Pump

1.Rubia Industry Co., Ltd.
2.Greensville Co., Ltd.
3. KM Interlab Co., Ltd.
4. Royal Foods Co., Ltd.
5.Yan Wal Yun Co., Ltd.
6. Chaweewan International Co., Ltd.
7. S&J International Enterprises PCL.
8. Rubia Industries Co., Ltd.

Customer Reference For Ampco Pump

1. Colgate-Palmolive(Thailand) Limited
2. PTT Exploration and Production PCL.
3. Thainamthip Co., Ltd.( Coke)
4. Unilever Thai Holdings Limited (Ice-cream Wall)
5. Win Chance Foods Co., Ltd.
(Licensee of H.J. Heinz Co. U.S.A.)
6. Pharma Innova Co., Ltd.
7. Perfect Companion Group Co., Ltd.
8. CPF Food Products Co., Ltd.
9. Re-Ex Products Co., Ltd.
10.Thai Glico Co., Ltd.
11. Thai Theparos Food Products Co.,
12. Laemthong Poultry
13. Johnson & Johnson
14. Cargrill Co., Ltd.
15. United Foods Co., Ltd.
16. Mckey Food service (Thailand) Ltd.